emergency alert sys

Not Receiving Calls:

The Emergency Notification System is used for emergency calls, such as school lock downs, and weather related delays. Emergency numbers will also be used if your child is injured and we need to contact you. The system can and may be used to send general (informational) messages and to survey parents and/or staff members. Messages may be sent by phone, by e-mail, by text, or a combination of methods. 

All contact information is based upon what parents/guardians enter on registration forms at the time they register their children.  Very important: If your phone number or e-mail address changes, please promptly contact the office(s) at the school(s) your children attend so your records can be updated. This will allow information to reach you more promptly in case of emergency.  If you have children in more than one school, please be sure to make the change at all of the schools. 

Receiving Calls In Error:

If you are receiving calls are not the parent or guardian of a student at our school(s)  or you do not have children in our school system, please listen carefully to the message and make a note of the following information:

  a. Reason for the call

  b. Date of call

You will need to contact 505-358-7044 leave a message that you were called in error. 
Please give the phone number that was called in error and the above information.  Keep in mind the information may not be updated immediately, we may need to contact the parent/guardian to verify their contact information in order to make the correction in the system.

Jemez Valley Elementary

505-373-0054 or

Jemez Valley Middle & High School

505-373-0137 or

Jemez Valley District Office

505-842-0902 or