Jemez Valley Public Schools Board of Education

The Jemez Valley Public Schools (JVPS) Board of Education is comprised of five members who devote their time to public service as elected officials of the 1100 square mile JVPS District.

The powers of the Board of Education lie in its action as a public body. Although a member of the board of education is a public officer, that person has no individual authority or power. By law, the JVPS Board of Education is charged with the employment of the superintendent, making policies and approving and oversight of the district’s $11.2 million budget. The board and its individual members do not address personnel issues other than those related specifically to the superintendent. The board works with the superintendent to shape the strategic direction of the district based on the District’s Mission, and Vision Statements.

Each year, board members vote on who will serve as officers – president, vice president and secretary. They also select members to serve as heads of the standing committees of the Board of Education. Board members serve alternating four-year terms.

Board Meetings

The board holds twelve Board and Board Committee meetings to address district issues and to set policy.

Attend a Board Meeting

Board Meetings are held on a regular basis, and you are welcome to attend.

Minutes, Agendas, and reports for Board Meetings

Minutes, Agendas, and Reports are available the Friday afternoon prior to the third Tuesday of the month.

Public Comments - During the mandated closure, social distancing and social isolation, the JVPS School Board has a temporary procedure for public comments. If you wish to submit a request for public comment, you must complete the form below 30 minutes prior to the scheduled board meeting.

Public Comment Form:  - July 20, 2021

Board Policies

The Board of Education sets Policies for the Jemez Valley Public Schools District.