In Case of Bad Weather...

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Interested Parties:


As you are aware, our district boundaries encompass over 1100 square miles. As a result, weather conditions vary greatly from community to community. While some may have 10 to 12 inches of snow in their driveway, others have little or no snow. Determinations for delays or cancellations are made utilizing information from weather services, state road reports, and in conjunction with personnel who have driven roads prior to 5:45 a.m. Decisions are reached in an effort to support the majority of students within our 1100+ square miles.


On days requiring an altered schedule, JVPS will proceed with those who can "safely" make it to school "without compromising their own personal safety." That decision has to be made by parents and guardians on an individual family basis. The bottom line is “SAFETY!" We are a team and are more effective when everyone is healthy. Parents and Guardians must make the ultimate decision as to whether or not it is safe to send their children on any given day.

When an altered schedule is considered, the School District will do one of the following:


1.     Normal Schedule (i.e. Snow or storm is light and expected to decrease)


2.     2-Hour Delay for the beginning of all school activities. Buses will run 2 hours later than normal except for the end of the day. (i.e. Snow or storm lightens up or reports from State Police or the Weather Bureau indicate that the snow or storm is to get lighter)


·        A 2-Hour delay may be upgraded to a school closing if reports indicate a worsening of conditions.


·        Once a 2-Hour delay has been announced, please continue to monitor your radio or television in the event of an upgrade to a school closing.


3.     Closed for the day (all school activities cancelled)


4.     Mountain Routes may also be delayed or cancelled. These delays or cancellations will not be announced through the media. A phone tree has been established by the Durham School Transportation Services to notify those affected.


JVPS will notify families via the automated phone system. It is the parent's responsibility to notify the school of any phone number changes throughout the year.


In addition, JVPS will notify the following media outlets of any and all district-wide decisions requiring an altered schedule. JVPS cannot be responsible for media outlets not making announcements as requested.


Television:     Channel 4 – KKOB TV                        Radio: 770 KKOB-AM

Channel 7 – KOAT TV

                        Channel 13 – KRQE TV

Information may also be accessed by calling (575) 834-7391 or from Albuquerque (505) 842-0902